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Nicholas Watts Painting


  by Nicholas Watts


As a young boy, the sight of an RAF squadron flying over Nicholas Watts' house sparked a passion for capturing a moment in time. Early classroom sketches of dogfights, aerial battles, Spitfires, and Hurricanes developed into a mastery of technical art. Nicholas Watts grew up near Brands Hatch, and the experience of watching motorsport from an early age also had a profound effect on Watts. He was soon channeling his artistic flair into his first-ever car commission, a Bugatti Type 37A. Nicholas Watts has a passionate and atmospheric style in his work. His technical grounding and sense of proportion and perspective that it teaches, shines through within all of Nicholas Watts' pictures.


What is Giclee? Simply, it is another form of reproducing artwork. Fundamentally, the process involves a very sophisticated form of inkjet. As the 'ink' is sprayed, it can, therefore, use a number of different surfaces; favorites being canvas and very high-quality parchment paper. This artistic process got its name from the French word 'giclee', roughly translated as spit or spray.

Prints, the most traditional form of art reproduction, tended to be overshadowed when giclee was initially introduced. This proved to be premature once the giclee novelty wore off . There has been a general interest back to print reproduction as modern techniques caught up with pre-production and allowed for shorter runs to be introduced.

Which is best? Both forms of reproduction are generally excellent. Collectors have tended to fall on the print side but those looking for larger sizes and deep color lean to giclee. Both forms are looking to a continued bright future.

Nicholas has his art reproduced by both methods, choosing the one that best compliments any particular painting.  The following galleries represent his Prints, Giclee and Originals.  Please note some pieces are available in both print and/or giclee form.

Car Driving in Snow

Number 146 Car Fighter Jets

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