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Benjamin Freudenthal Painting

Large PVC Garage Art
by Benjamin Freudenthal

French artist Benjamin Freudenthal lives and paints in the Bordeaux region of France. In 2019, Benjamin received the honor of designing and painting the poster for the Techno-Classica Show in Essen, Germany; he is now working on their 2021 poster.

Benjamin Freudenthal

His large 'Garage' pieces are from special, mainly car events over the last century. He chose to reproduce them as PVC prints after being exposed to new technologies, allowing the images to be dyed into the surface. While not suggesting it, he assures that one could throw a bucket of water on the image without any ill effect.

Eight (8) eyelets for hanging, delivered in carton tube-water resistant-anti-UV varnish, can be cleaned if necessary.

This PVC cover is ideal if you want to decorate your garage, brewery, or showroom.

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